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About Us

CENTCOM Global, Inc. is a dedicated provider of special operations / counter terrorism personnel, intelligence services, and physical security services. CENTCOM Global’s personnel are subject matter experts in the collection and analysis of multiple source intelligence, conventional and asymmetric operations, physical security and protective services, and personnel recovery.  Aiding in the global fight against terror is our overall goal in service to our nation and clients.


CENTCOM Global’s operational experience includes theaters in the Middle East, Europe, South East Asia, North and Central Africa, and Central and South America. CENTCOM Global offers unparalleled services developed by means of the company’s knowledge of military and civilian methodologies, advanced technologies, and the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) employed by CENTCOM. Our teams operate in all dimensions of forecasting, developing, and implementation of strategic operations and delivery of the client’s goals.


CENTCOM Global provides over 130 years of combined experience in Military Special Operations, the Intelligence Community, law enforcement, government contracting, diplomatic / close protection security services, physical security, and in the bio-defense industry. CENTCOM Global has rapidly developed the reputation as one of the World’s foremost experts in intelligence, security services, private law enforcement, and military operations. We continue to attract and recruit the most highly trained U.S. military service members, civilian personnel, and assets from around the world to reinforce our experience and capabilities.


The Special Operations / Intelligence Services Division employs former Special Forces team members and intelligence agencies analyst to provide the subject matter expertise in the successful achievement of the most complex and challenging assignments. CENTCOM Global employs widely respected specialist in physical security, program management, executive / diplomatic protective services, and law enforcement.


The advanced training that CENTCOM Global provides is designed to deliver highly developed and technically accomplished individuals. Our security personnel, agents, and operators have extensive knowledge and combat experience gained from operational and leadership roles within their years of dedicated service to the U.S. Government and Armed Forces.


CENTCOM Global recognizes that success in supporting our client’s mission relies on a broad spectrum of functional technical and operational skills. We bring strong executive leadership, a global infrastructure, and financial strength to ensure total success of our client’s missions and programs. We are thoroughly committed to providing unparalleled services and deliver single source solutions with a strong assurance of timely performance and exceptional results.

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