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Logistics Services


Air support and transport services are provided by a trusted and dedicated source with worldwide capabilities for insertions and extractions. Our partner provides CENTCOM Global with a wide variety of fixed wing and rotary aircraft.


Transport capabilities that include heavy lift, long flight, and commercial classification aircraft for initial deployment and return transport. Close in transport and support aircraft include smaller localized fixed wing and rotary aircraft for tactical insertions.


All CENTCOM Global partner firms are vetted and experienced service providers in operational theaters of interest.

Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles, Mounted and Man Portable Weapon Systems, and Aircraft



CENTCOM Global’s procurement division supplies a variety of land based military vehicles, including tracked and wheeled personnel carriers. Vehicle mounted and man portable weapon systems, as well as support and forward operating rotary aircraft.


CENTCOM Global is fully registered and compliant with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and will ensure all purchases and sales of any regulated items are in strict compliance with such regulations. If you have questions or specific requirements please contact us for further details.  

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