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Behavioral Intent Analytics and Anomaly Detection Algorithm


Long Range Surveillance Systems             
Unmaned Aerial Vehicles
Communications Equipment                        
Signal Suppression Equipment
Automated Linguistics Platform






CENTCOM Global delivers a full range of Long Range Surveillance Systems, UAVs,

COTS systems and OEM modules to enable secure and non-secure tactical communications

using Mesh Design, including KU Band, KA Band, and X Band, as well as a full suite of

Cryptographic Communications Systems.


UAVs and Long Range Surveillance Systems (LRSS) provide our clients and teams with

accurate and reliable intelligence of an objective area. Depending on system capabilities

this can range from a few kilometers to hundreds of kilometers, with short to long loiter times.

These resources provide our Intelligence Services Division and Special Operations Teams

with key information on the adversary and pinpoints the location of areas of interest or personnel.


CENTCOM Global's DCOMMS Signal Suppression provides 360° protection while traveling at

highway speeds with an effective range of up to 2 miles.

These systems are designed for ease of use and rapid deployment.




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