Special Operations


CENTCOM Global, Inc. Special Operations conducts Counter Terrorism and Counter Narcotics operations to identify, track, and target hostile threats against our clients and their interest. CENTCOM Global’s Special Operations Division’s employ U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies’ counter terrorism tactics, intelligence information collection, and highly specialized services to neutralize aggressive actions against our clients.


CENTCOM Global’s operational experience includes theaters in the Middle East, Europe, South East Asia, North and Central Africa, and Central and South America. CENTCOM Global offers unparalleled services developed by means of the company’s knowledge of military and civilian methodologies, advanced technologies, and our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Our teams operate in all dimensions of forecasting, developing, and implementation of strategic operations and delivery of the client’s goals.

Personnel Recovery

Preserving the lives of those participating in civil, humanitarian, commercial, or other services activity is one of the highest priorities of any organization or entity. Personnel recovery (PR) is the sum of efforts to prepare for and execute the recovery and reintegration of isolated personnel. Isolated personnel are those personnel who are separated (as an individual or group) or their ability to safely return has been compromised.


Personnel Recovery missions are complex by nature. A response may be required in any land or sea location, threat environment, and at a time and place not of the client or isolated person’s choosing. Many operations can be successfully planned based on intelligence data; however, successful execution of PR missions often require creativity, improvisations, and real time intelligence, even when forces are well-trained, prepared, and pre-positioned. PR missions may involve single or multiple aircraft, ground forces, and maritime assets. Nonconventional asset recovery (NAR) operations recover personnel isolated in adversary-held or hostile areas.

Human Intelligence

Human intelligence (HUMINT) is one of the most versatile and powerful information sources available for situational awareness and decision-making. Its low cost and availability makes it the silver bullet of intelligence. This is particularly true within urban operations and operations in complex terrain, where that particular environment may degrade technically acquired information. Asymmetric warfare in complex terrain and non-uniformed combatants mixing in with the general population characterize operations today. With the potential for degraded Imaging Intelligence and Signals Intelligence, Human Intelligence has gained a renewed importance and relevance to the overall information collection effort in combating terror.


Counter Narcotics and Organized Crime

CENTCOM Global’s counter narcotics operations are an advanced capabilities-based, mission-focused, fully integrated effort that provides a comprehensive structure to support the global threat posed by illicit narcotics trafficking and the resulting profiteering of organized crime. CENTCOM Global strives to effectively disrupt and degrade the Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs) threats posed by drug trafficking, threat finance networks, narcoterrorism, and any potential nexus among these activities.


Transnational Crime Organizations (TCOs) represents a significant, multilayered, and asymmetric threat to our client’s security and interests. It often directly and indirectly enables, supports, and facilitates insurgencies and terrorism; undermines state stability, security, and sovereignty; and corrupts legitimate global financial and trade networks. CENTCOM Global delivers a wider understanding of the challenges TCOs represent, and has effectively mitigated the threats posed by a number of these groups and their illicit trafficking activities in the interests of our clients.