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Signals Collection Platforms

Machine Intelligence SIGINT System

Behavioral Intent Analytics and Anomaly Detection 

Artificial Intelligence System


C-CAS, a dynamic collection and analysis system based on the advanced integration of signal capture, signal analysis and data archival functions at sites of interest. C-CAS provides U.S. Government (USG) agencies with an advanced, state- of-the-art signal-intelligence (SIGINT) capability. Accordingly, C-CAS is available only to USG agencies and USG-authorized organizations and is subject to ITAR and EAR export regulations, laws and statutes.


Library reference digital files are utilized to provide baseline standards for comparison depending on linguistic requirements and CONUS/OCONUS regional dialects. Library references are also compared to captured signals for overall signal strength (amplitude) differences, as well as abrupt speech inflection relative to syllable emphasis, syntax, inter- word and intra-sentence timing and a variety of other language-specific nuances. Unlike other SIGINT communications analyses approaches, C-CAS provides real-time spectral results on many analyses, providing a more rapid feed-back to the client. Ques from “positives” regarding key-word and tonal analyses are reported real-time, depending upon client- defined requirements.


As a part of the analysis module, C-CAS includes a contact-pattern recognition function that recognizes and reports repetitive contacts as a function of time, frequency, location, identifier, signal content and other parameters as defined by the client. By way of graphical charting of contacts and contact probabilities, key interfaces and relationships are defined with granularity to the time, location, signal direction(s) and other detailed parameters.


For more information regarding C-CAS please contact us.

Long Range Surveillance System (LRSS)

The Long Range Surveillance (LRS) system is a cost-effective, mobile, and highly capable solution for wide area intrusion detection. The universal radar mounting platform supports multiple sensor types.


  • Mobile, autonomous and flexible trailer mounted system


  • Fully automated detection interfaces with radar to autonomously detect movement in a 360º    radius at various ranges


  • 24 hour surveillance capability including thermal

        infrared cameras that allow day/night surveillance


  • Advanced self-contained power system



The system provides detection up to 42km (26 miles)

depending upon radar configuration. The system can be

monitored and controlled locally or remotely and offers

high-bandwidth wireless communications

up to 2 miles line of sight.


CCTV and Thermal cameras sized to match radar

provide day/night all weather conditions surveillance

from -30 to 60° C (-22 to 140° F). Autotrack feature

autonomously pans camera to intruder detection

angle or manual control pans/tilts/zooms from control station.


The system employs a wide array of ground and air radars based on detection distance requirements. The ranges available are 350m/700m, 1400m/2800m, 10Km, and up to 42Km. The system offers several self-contained power options. The primary power source is batteries that provide 24V DC. The renewable energy option provides solar panels to recharge the batteries thus extending the deployment duration. A quiet diesel generator option provides the ability for the system to automatically recharge the batteries based on state-of-charge if the solar panel production (if present) is reduced due to multiple overcast days or energy demands exceed production. The generator automatically starts, charges the batteries and stops without user intervention. The system can also operate on commercial power.


Assessment/surveillance is provided by electro-optical, thermal imaging cameras matched to the detection distance of the ground and air based radars to provide immediate visual assessment of the cause of alarm.  The system is also available in a surveillance only configuration that provides mobile surveillance and assessment employing day/night or thermal cameras.


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