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Automated Digitial Linguistics Platform

TSI Alloquium© is a communications and language translation platform able to translate spoken words into more than 60 languages, quickly and accurately. It facilitates group, multi-language dialog, in both the spoken and written word and enables users to speak in their own native or chosen language. The greatest underlying benefit derived from the use of TSI Alloquium©, is the eradication of “language as a barrier” in communications or human interaction.


TSI Alloquium© is designed for group, multi-language, global communications, which can facilitate and simplify business transactions, global product support, multi-national educational opportunities, and Government-to-Government communications – all performed without language as a barrier. Each of these markets is capable of providing user numbers in the hundreds of thousands, for a potential total user community of hundreds of millions of registered users.


  Cost Effective
         COTS components
  Reduces Departmental Costs No need to use contract, or on staff translators
  Multi-Language Conversations Interrogators can communicate with detainees who only speak other languages

  Over 60 languages supported, including:

            22 Spanish dialects

            12 Arabic dialects

  Cloud Based
  Easy to Install and Maintain
  Easy to Use, Intuitive, with little to no training required








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