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CENTCOM Global's Military and Security Services Training


CENTCOM Global’s Military and Security Services training are provided by former U.S. Military instructors from the United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy, Special Warfare Group. Additional training is conducted by Subject Matter Experts.


Operations Familiarization

Military Operations

Special Operations and Support

Critical Operations

Special / Strategic Debriefing


Tactical Debriefing

Tactical Questioning

Tactical Site Exploitation


Battlefield HUMINT Collection

HUMINT Tactical Operations

HUMINT Questioning and Screening


Analytical Interrogation

Joint Interrogation

Psychological Profiling

Mediations and Negotiations

Asset Validation

Counterintelligence Responsiveness

Advanced National Security Training

Personal Emergency Medical Care

Triage Course

Tactical / Advanced Tactical Medic Courses

Surveillance Detection

Surveillance / Counter-Surveillance

Force Training

Tactical Air Incursions (FAST Rope)

Advanced Close Quarter Battle

Search and Rescue / Combat Search and Rescue

Escort / Convoy Protection

Maritime Law

Ship Interdiction

Counter Narcotics Operation

Rules of Engagement

Emergency First Response

Asset / Personnel Recovery

Threat / Risk Assessment

Tactical Driving

Crisis Management Planning

Maritime, Aviation and Ground Based Transportation Security

Personal Security Details

Counter IED




CENTCOM Global's

Law Enforcement

Training Services


CENTCOM Global’s law enforcement services and training are provided by fully accredited and certified U.S. law enforcement professionals from Federal Agencies and Police Departments across the country.


Introduction to Law Enforcement

Laws and Procedures


Evidence Collection

Chain of Custody

Use of Force 

Arrest Procedures

Physical and Psychological Readiness

Crisis / Hostage Negotiations

Crisis Management

Patrol Procedures

Criminal Investigations

Courtroom Testimony

Emergency Vehicle Operation

First Responder Emergency Care

Special Response Teams

Community Policing

Defensive Tactics

Firearms (Safety, Operations, and Tactics)

Dynamic Room Entry

Narcotics Identification




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