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CENTCOM Global provides over 130 years of combined experience in Military Special Operations, the Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement, government contracting, diplomatic / close protection security services, physical security, and in the bio-defense industry. CENTCOM Global has grown to become one of the World’s foremost experts in intelligence, security services, law enforcement, and military operations. We continue to attract and recruit the most highly trained U.S. military service members, civilian personnel, and assets from around the world to reinforce our experience and capabilities.

Fields of Expertise


Special Operations

Personnel Recovery

Physical Security – Guard Services

Executive / Diplomatic Close Protection

Canine Narcotics and Explosive Detection

Law Enforcement Services

Military, Law Enforcement, and Security Training


Additional Services


Risk Mitigation and Management

Threat Assessment and Reduction

Physical Security Information Management

Program Management

Procurement and Logistics

Emergency Operations Plan Development

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