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Physical Security And Security Management Services


CENTCOM Global employs widely respected specialist in physical security, program management, executive / diplomatic protective services, and law enforcement. Our services are tailored to suit the client’s specific needs. This is why we select only the security personnel specifically trained and equipped to deal with the operation at hand. CENTCOM Global will manage every aspect of the operation to ensure the highest standards of quality and protection. Our primary concern is to ensure the client is afforded the opportunity to continue their obligations in relative safety under the umbrella of CENTCOM Global's Protective Services

Physical Security

CENTCOM Global, Inc. provides advanced protection and security services in any environment. Our personnel operate in a number of areas, providing a range of different services based upon risk / threat assessment. Physical security services can include armed or unarmed security personnel, canine detection and patrol, access control, and additional threat mitigation services.

Executive & Diplomatic Protective Services

Political corruption, civil unrest, and illicit organization have created a dangerous environment for many individuals and organizations around the world. With the increase in abductions, extortion, and organized criminal activity, it is imperative for individuals and corporations to make effective security solutions a priority. CENTCOM Global works with our clients to develop a specific threat assessment / risk management plan, and clearly identify potential threats.

Physical Security Program Management

The focus of our security and program management is to provide our client with uninterrupted operation of their business from internal conflicts and external threats. We also provide an in-depth analysis of their security and emergency procedures and operations. Risk management is complex and multifaceted, but necessary to any business in today’s market.

Maritime Security

CENTCOM Global's Transportations Security Services provide armed protection utilizing lethal and less than lethal force to mitigate risk and thwart assaults on all types of watercraft. Our teams provide protection for cargo ships, stored cargo-awaiting shipment or received from shipment, tankers, cruise liners, and personal yachts from hostile vessels. We offer protection for long voyage or short transits.


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